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New York City is one of the most popular destinations on the planet for travellers from the UK and Ireland. This website is designed to give up to date news on the various flight options available as well as tips on how to get the best travel options available.

New York City is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities on th planet. Travelling there from the UK takes roughly seven hours direct and is served my myriad airlines and cheap flight options. The main flight options can be summarised as follows...

...Flying Direct to New York from the UK

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Direct flights from the UK are common and you can fly from local airports directly into New York Newark. Continental flies from several local airports and is defintely worth serious consideration. Other direct flight carriers include Delta, American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Deciding to fly direct greatly reduces your flight options and thus cheap flight options however it greatly reduces the overall flight journey and is a far more pleasant and comfortable experience than spending time in a stopover airport.

...Flying to New York from Ireland

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You can fly direct to New York from Belfast, Dublin and Shannon (which is on the west coast of Ireland). Flying from the UK with a Dublin or Shannon stopover should definitely be considered. Aer Lingus fly out of several local UK airports with a short stopover in Dublin or Shannon however Ireland is essentially en-route when flying to New York from the UK. The relatively short duration of the stopover as well as the stopover being en route makes this one of the most hassle free 1-stop options out of the UK to New York. Continental also offer direct flights to New York Neward from Belfast.

...Flying to the New York via Mainland Europe

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Flying to New York via Mainland Europe offers a wide variety of flight options and prices. This is often the route a traveller may be inclined to take if cost is the main consideration. The best served airline/hub airport routes are KLM/Amsterdam, Air France/Paris, Lufthansa/Frankfurt.

...Flying to the New York via Iceland

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One of the most interesting options when flying from the UK or Ireland to New York is to fly Iceland Air via Reykjavik. The outbound journey constitutes roughly one third of the journey time and breaks up the trip nicely. Furthermore you can also, if you wish, extend the stopover and spend some time in Iceland. A major benefit of flying through Iceland is that it offers a stopover without the pain and hassle usually associated with one of Europes major hub airports such as London Heathrow or Amsterdam Schiphol.

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This website is designed to help you decide on your best flight options when flying to New York City. There are now so many options available sometimes travellers from the UK miss out cheap deals and excellent travel routes simply because they aren't aware of them.


This website is there to be used for travel ideas however we accept no responsibiliy for any of the travel options and airlines detailed. We also accept that in such a rapidly changing travel market sometimes information on the site may be of date. Please get in touch if you see anything on the site that is no longer valid and we'll get it updated.

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